Garza O

Mr. Oscar Garza


Harvey Elementary's physical education program focuses on strength, endurance, and flexibility. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills related to movement. The focus is also aimed at understanding the importance of a physically-active lifestyle. Areas of focus include body awareness, self-management/social skills/general movement, directionality, form and execution of skill, applied movement, lead-up game games and team sports. The physical education program utilizes a vast number of resources. The CATCH program, physical education activity books, internet websites, curriculum guides, and other literature are used. All activities and games coincide with the TEKS. The Fitnessgram is administered to all 3rd and 4th grade students. The Fitnessgram is a program designed to promote physical activity. It is a test that measures health related physical fitness. Cardiovascular, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and composition are the areas that are measured.


2012 PE Schedule

8:15-9:00 Kinder
9:00-9:45 1st Grade
9:45-10:30 2nd Grade
10:30-11:00 PreK 4
1:15-2:00 3rd Grade
2:00-2:45 4th Grade


Participation in Activity - 30%
Participation in Exercise - 30%
Cardiovascular Endurance Progression - 20%
Attendance - 10%
Assessment - 10%


1st Six Weeks


2nd Six Weeks

 Physical Education - Body Awareness
Health - Safety


Physical Education - Self-Management/Social Skills
Health - Drug Awareness 

3rd Six Weeks


4th Six Weeks

Physical Education - Directionality
Health - Body Systems 


Physical Education - Form/Execution of Skills
Health - Exercise 

5th Six Weeks


6th Six Weeks

Physical Education - Speed
Health - Personal Behaviors 


Physical Education - Modified Lead-Up Game/Team Sports
Health - Self-Esteem