Benavides M

Ms. Maria Benavides



Welcome to Mrs. M. Benavides' class and to the world of Pre-Kindergarten.  This year will be an exciting
year for your child as we
explore the world of the young child.  We are so excited that you have chosen to visit our class homepage.  This website is designed so that we can share what's happening in our classroom.  As you explore our site, you can find our daily schedule, our supply list, and read about special events and learning that is taking place.  We hope that by visiting our  classroom website, you will get a better idea of what we do each day.

           Daily Schedule

7:15-7:30 Meet and Greet
7:30-8:00 Breakfast/Journal Writing
8:00-8:30 Big Experience  1
8:30-9:15 Learning Centers
9:15-9:45 Big Experience 2
9:45-10:00 Story Time 1
10:00-10:15 Letter Knowledge/Phonemic Awareness
10:15-11:00 P.E.
11:00-11:15 Story Time 2
11:15-11:45 Lunch
11:45-12:45Music/Quiet Time 
12:45-1:15Learning Centers
1:15-1:55 Computer Lab
1:55-2:25 Big Experience 3
2:25-2:40 Snack
2:40-2:50 Music/Fingerplays Nursery Rhymes
2:50-3:00 Review/Reflect
3:00 Dismiss
3:00-3:45 Planning/Meetings

        Pre-K 4 Supply List

2 pkgs. construction paper (assorted colors)
2 pkgs. manilla paper
2 large boxes of facial tissue
1 box of 8 count crayons and
1 box of 8 count large crayons
1 8oz. of glue (Elmers Glue preferred)
1 pair blunt point scissors (Fiscars brand) rounded point
1 mat (no over sized mats) or large towel (not both)
1 box sandwich size zip-lock bags
1 box gallon size zip-lock bags
1 package large paper plates
1 package small paper plates
8 glue sticks
1 wide ruled spiral notebook (70 pages)
2 hand sanitizers ( one for classroom and one for PE)
1 large primary pencil

M- Mastery
S- Satisfactory
P- Progressing
I- Improvement Needed


1st Six Weeks


2nd Six Weeks

Theme 1 - Ready for School/Listos para la escuela"
Aug. 27-31  -Week 1
-"My School"/"Mi escuela"  
Shape- Circle/circulo
Sept. 4-7 Week 2- "Making Friends"/"Hacer Amigos" 
Color- Red/rojo
Shape- Circle/circulo
Sept. 10- 14 Week 3-"Learning Together"/"Aprendemos Juntos" 
Color- Blue/azul
Shape- Square/cuadro
Letter "A";
Word- "me"
Sept. 17-21 Week 4-"Getting Along"/"Nos llevamos bien"  
Color- Blue/azul
Shape- Square/cuadro
Letter "Bb"
Word "see"
Theme 2- My Family/Mi Familia
Sept. 24-28 - Week 1
-"Who's In My Family"/"Quienes somos en mi Familia?"  
Color- Yellow/amarillo
Letter "Cc";
Word- "to"
Oct. 1-5- Week 2- "We Take Care of Each Other"/"Nos cuidamos unos a otros"  
Color- Yellow/amarillo
Shape- Triangle/triangulo Letter "Dd";
Word- "for"


Oct. 8-12 - Week 3- "Family Fun"  
Shape- Rectangle; Letters "Aa-Dd";
Word- "my"
Oct. 15-19- Week 4-"All Kinds of Families"  
Shape- Rectangle; Letter "Ee";
Theme 3- Our Community 
Oct. 22-26- Week 1- "Places We Go"  
Color- Orange/anaranjado
Shape- Diamond; Letter "Ff"; 
Word- "do"
Oct. 29-Nov.2- Week 2- "People We Meet" 
Color- Orange/anaranjado
Shape- Diamond; Letter "Gg";
Word "go"
Nov. 5-9- Week 3- "Things That Move" 
Color- Purple/morado
Shape- Oval;
Letter "Hh";
Word- "he"
Nov. 12-16- Week 4-"Going Green"
Color- purple/morado
Shape- Oval
Word- "I", "is"

3rd Six Weeks
Nov. 19,20-Thanksgiving Week/Dia de dar Gracias
Color- purple/morado  
Shape- Oval/ovalo
Theme 4- Awesome Animals!/Animales impresionantes!
Nov. 26-30 Week 1- All Kinds of Animals/Toda clase de animales!


4th Six Weeks




5th Six Weeks


6th Six Weeks