Garcia D

Mrs. Dolores Garcia



Mrs. Dolores Jean Garcia, and assistants Mrs. Lisa Barker, Ms. Elda Gutierrez and Mrs. Ester Garcia welcome you to explore our classroom homepage. 

Our students will share with you the many  activities and events we participate in! You will get a better idea of what our class does daily  and throughout the school year. 

Parents, a classroom schedule and a supplies list is posted on this page to give you an idea of what we will be doing throughout the school day and to help you get the necessary supplies our students will need for our 2012- 2013 school  year.
Please come back and visit us at any time.


7:30-8:00        Breakfast /Journal

8:00-9:30        Language

9:30-10:15      P.E.

10:15-11:05    Language/Math

11:05-11:45    Waterford/A.Perez

12:25-12:55    Lunch

12:55- 2:00     Math

 2:00-2:30      Social Studies

 2:30-3:00      Fine Arts

Thursday: Science Lab 8:45-9:30

Yearly supplies include:
2-Plastic Art Boxes
1-box colors (36)
1-box magic markers(washable)
1-box pencil colors
1-package construction paper
1-box pencils
1-pair scissors
6-large glue sticks
3-spiral notebooks
2-2 inch note books
1-large bottle sanitizing gel
1-box baby wipes-for art clean up
 4-boxes tissues for colds and art activities
1-change of clothes in case if needed
1-box plastic bags-resealable sandwich size



 Classroom goals and objectives


Classroom activities and events 

We will work on our journals and calendar
notebooks on a daily basis.


We will be planting a Pumpkin garden in the fall.

We will be learning about historical figures, famous landmarks and our Texas symbols during the school year.


We will be making a Thanksgiving luncheon for our parents and guests 

We will work on our language and math objectives on a daily basis.

We will be working on our social and domestic skills.
We will be cooking,baking and cleaning in our room.


We will be making a photo album during the school year of activities and events my students participate in.




We will be working on our science goals and objectives on a daily basis.



We will be be planting a vegetable garden in the spring.